Bridge Books – A Listing of Great Books for Beginners

Bridge books, like books in many other card and board games, are very strange things.  Looking at them from a beginner standpoint, they make little if any sense.  There are many titles with concepts beginners have little or no knowledge about.

A beginner will wonder what words like conventions, declarer play, defense mean, and why they all need a whole book to explain them.  For them the reality seems there really is no clear candidate book for them.  Below, however, are the best books for beginners I have found.

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There are a few kinds of beginner books.  There are ones that say “idiot” or “dummy” but are actually very good at teaching a subject, even to people that aren’t beginners.  Some books are out-of-print, even though they are classics!  Others are standard books recommended throughout the years, and for that reason never seem to be updated.  ”If it’s not broke don’t fix it!”

The main thing in picking a beginner book is to pick one that speaks to you.  If you can preview the actual contents, like you can sometimes at Amazon or from a local library, you can see if you like the content and writing style and see if it’s the right book for you.  Also, check the credentials of the author.  Being an expert doesn’t make you an expert teacher, but it does help knowing your teacher really knows his stuff.

My best advice is to buy 2 or 3 highly rated beginner books and look between them if one or the other doesn’t make sense.  Have fun learning with friends as well!

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2 Responses

  1. Hank Johnson Says:

    Very nice review. Seems to me the “Bridge at a Glance” is a must have. If this is true (or maybe there are other quick reference guides) should I stay with the author Audry Grant? Or are there better ones to have handy at the table while learning point count, opening requirements, bidding, conventions, playing hands,etc. Thanks….

  2. admin Says:

    “Bridge at a Glance” is not literally a must have. I play bridge with my friends almost every day. A must have is 2 decks, one red and one blue, a score pad to keep score (even if it’s a regular notepad), and a book showing the various rules of playing bridge, which can get complicated beyond mere scoring and into bridge etiquette, misplays, and misdeals.

    Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards (Set of 2 Decks: Red & Blue)
    Bridge Score Pad
    Hoyle’s Rules of Games, Third Revised and Updated Edition

    As I’m learning to play bridge better myself, I stick to the books on Baron Barclay’s list of “beginner” books. I’ve found Card Play Fundamentals to be the best one. 5 Weeks To Winning Bridge
    is another good book.

    Even if you play with friends it is a good idea to play online and against a computer.
    Here are my blog posts about them.
    Playing Bridge Online
    Free Bridge Computer Programs

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