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Searching YouTube for Bridge videos, I found some interesting ones.

“What is Bridge?”

“Bridge Gamers”

“Bill Gates Encourages Young People to Play Bridge”

While looking, I found something amazing.  There are three free bridge courses online.  You should look at them, because it won’t cost you anything to try them out.

Bridge Union has bridge lessons by a Russian named Bridget.  Bridge Union is a site that tries to get new people to play bridge and players to connect with each other.  Her bridge course is only one aspect of her site.

iBridgePlayer also has bridge lessons.  The first lesson is about available resources for bridge players.  Note, though, it is aimed at European players and the books he recommends are for a bidding system used in Europe.  Later lessons teach you to play bridge by learning MiniBridge, which Bridget does as well.  His YouTube channel has more good bridge videos.

Shafik Ismail has bridge lessons as well.  He is an experienced bridge player who teaches bridge basics and techniques in his videos.

Although I have spent this time talking about free bridge courses online there may be a point when getting a bridge teacher or buying software and books will help you more than these lessons.  Information in a book can be more sophistocated and exhaustive.  Owning your own book or software can be very rewarding.

Hopefully you find these courses helpful to your bridge.

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2 Responses

  1. Poppy Says:

    You will also find online bridge lessons for beginners and improvers at

  2. admin Says:

    Readers, please note that this teaches ACOL, which is a European type of bidding. If you are living in North America, you should learn Standard American to start out.

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